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Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Laptop Repair in Liskeard and Cornwall and Devon

Please Look out for the Common Internet Security Threats Button on the Homepage, This information will help you Look after your Computing Equipment and will enable you to Save Money and have no need for Computer Repair.

We offer Solutions for Computer Repair, Laptop Repair and Virus Removal in South East Cornwall and Devon

Our Computer Repair Services in Liskeard Covers a 30 Miles Radius From Liskeard, Cornwall. PL14 POST CODE

Our Mobile Repair Service, Covers the following Areas, Liskeard, Pengover, Looe, Duloe, Dobwalls, Polperro, Saltash, Callington, Lostwithiel, Bodmin, St Austell and to mention but a few

We are locally renowned for Fixing Laptops, Personal Computer, Tablets, IPhones, Virus Removal, Computers e.t.c

Computer Repair & Maintenance

Our main goal is to help you troubleshoot any problem with your Computer, Laptop or Network. I repair Desktops, Laptops, Tablet PC’s and Notebooks. I repair any PC and can install any Version of Microsoft Windows including any of the Old Computer Operating Systems all the way to the Latest including Windows 8, Linux, Ubuntu and so much More. Whether home built or name brand. I service, Advent, Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony, Toshiba, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Gateway, Emachines, and much more.

We can troubleshoot startup issues, hardware, and software problems. I can test and replace failed components – Most common hardware faults are as a result of a: power supply, hard drive and motherboard. Most people learn to live with their Computer problems, there is no need to put up with a slow PC.

For Fast and Reliable PC Repair Call Us On: 01579208409

As a Registered Microsoft Partner , you can expect the use of Advanced Technology to improve the life of your Networking and Computing Equipment.

Whatever service we provide, we promise you honest weights and square dealings.

Laptop Repair

Does it have liquid Damage? Is it slow at starting up and opening pages? Did it just get a virus? Has your screen gone out? Has your laptop been dropped and will no longer start up? Does the battery no longer charge? I can test and repair or replace failed components – Most common Faults are: Hard drive, keyboard, LCD screen, LCD inverter board, failed wireless, motherboard

Virus Removal

Viruses have now come a long way with Regards to the Damage they can do to your Computer and Networking Equipment. They used to be like a annoying fly that will eventually go away after a scan or a few updates, but they have since evolved into serious threats, most of them now try to steal from you. Most viruses are completely hidden. They silently infect while trying to steal your passwords, credit card numbers, bank account information, and your identity.

I have the latest tools and Software to remove Spyware, Trojan’s, Viruses, Malware and Ransomeware like the North Yorkshire Police Virus Scam and Ukash are the most common reasons that your computer will act strange or start operating slowly. In worst cases, you might not be able to Log-on to your Desktop Computer or Laptop

You PC may be overheating and running slow because of Malicious Software On your Computer causing the CPU and H.D.D to do a lot more Computing work than is Normal.You might be receiving annoying pop-ups or maybe there might be Tracking Cookies, causing you Internet to record every website that you click on or visit. These are a couple of signs that your computer could be infected with Malicious Software.

Let me help! Call 01579 208409

Used Laptops

When replacing an old desktop computer, consider a Portable Computer or a Tablet PC. Laptops can now match the same computing speeds that computers have and they have come down in price in the last few years making them a popular choice. I have Used laptop computers in stock. Call me to discuss your Used laptop computer needs. I can also order in New Laptops from my Suppliers

Computer Repair, Laptop Repairs, Virus Removal, Laptop Sales in Liskeard, Cornwall

We continue to grow as a Result of looking after our Customers, Most of the additional Computer Repairs that we do come from referral’s from Previous Customers.

We offer a Mobile Computer Repair Service, needless to say, we can come to your home or business at a time that is suitable to your need’s. There is no Call-Out Charge for this Service

This PC Repair option is popular, because customers don’t have to disconnect and lift heavy Computing equipment and not to mention fuel costs for bringing your Computer to us for Repairs
There is no extra charge for this service, Customer’s are also more than welcome to drop off their Laptop or Computer for Repair’s
When we arrive we will diagnose your computer’s faults and then converse with regards to the best cost effective course of action to Fix your computer
Most of our Repair’s are carried out on the same day.

Computer Parts & Accessories

I keep many new Laptop and Computer parts in stock. If there is anything you need, I usually have it right now, or can I order it for you. If your hard drive fails, I can usually replace it the same day you bring your computer in for repair. Parts that I normally have in stock: power supply, hard drive, memory, network router, wi-fi-router, network card, video card, backup drive, keyboard, mouse, speakers, printer, cables, and more.

Operating System Reinstall

Computers slow down because of the abundant software, plugins, and adware installed on them over time. Viruses can cause damage to system files requiring a reinstall. I will back up all of your photos, documents, music, etc., erase your hard drive, and reinstall the operating system. Do not run “System Restore” on your own, it can delete your personal files and many times it will even fail and make things worse. I have well proven methods to reinstall with all the latest updates/service packs while saving your personal files. Many people say their computer runs faster than when it was new. I service Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Microsoft Windows 8 Upgrade Advice

Call me for Windows 8 upgrade advice. I can help you before and after the decision to upgrade. Windows 8 is available now. If upgrading your current Vista or WinXP computer, it may need other upgrades first, or maybe it is just too old and should be replaced. I can help you decide what is best.

Migrating Files to a New Computer

Have you just purchased a new computer and need your files transfered off of your old one? I can transfer your documents, photos, music, and e-mail from your old computer to your new computer. Even if your old computer does not run, I can sometimes recover the files. Do not throw away your old computer, bring it to me and I will recover your files and recycle it for you. This service also includes a new computer Set-Up Tune-Up. I will remove the trial software, perform windows updates, and install a the best Anti-Virus software.


Upgrades are a great way to extend the life of your machine for another few years without investing in a new computer. In most cases installing more memory, a faster CPU, a new hard drive, and/or a new video card can significantly speed up your system.


I can set up wired or wireless networks so they are secure and easy to use. Sharing internet, printers, and files will be easier than ever. I have wi-fi routers in stock.

Backup Software

I can install a backup system to guard against data loss in the event of a primary hard drive failure. Everyone needs to backup files, but most don’t do it. I can make sure the right stuff is getting backed up to the right place, and that you know how to restore it if needed.

Software & Hardware Setup

If you need an upgrade for your software, a new program installed, or have any hardware you need set up, I can take care of it.

Data Recovery

Has the hard drive failed in your computer? Maybe it no longer starts. Do you just get a blue screen or hear a clicking noise? That is a sign your hard drive may have failed. I can provide a professional diagnosis as to what is causing the problem. If the hard drive has failed, I can install a new one and re-install the Windows operating system so that your computer is working again. Was there important data on it? photos, documents, email, files that are irreplaceable? KTechnology Solutions can save it!.

Computer Tutoring/Training

I can meet with you for one to two hour clinics for just about anything you’d like to learn about – basic computer operation, maintaining your computer, working with digital cameras, scanners and video, or working with e-mail and internet. You will learn how to protect your privacy and keep your information safe while using the Internet.

iPhone/iPad Tutoring

I can teach you how to use photos, videos, download apps, listen to music, Facebook, email, contacts, messaging, internet, wi-fi, printing. Need to be able to print from your iPad? call me for new printer options.

Back Up Data, Transfer, Internet Set Up, Laptop Repairs, Computer Repair, Virus Removal in Liskeard

We are very much aware of the inconvenience caused by your Computer not working
Our goal is to provide you with a local and friendly computer repair service
KTechnology Solutions Offer’s a Wide Range of Services, please click on the Services Tab at the Top for a Full List of what we do

Below is a list of Reasons as to why Most Computer Faults occur:

One Major problem is as a Result of something being Deleted

Computers work as a Result of two Major Factors

1. Hardware: these are things like a Hard-Drive, Memory (Ram), Motherboard, CPU, e.t.c

2. Software a good example will be the Microsoft Windows Operating System

To cut a long story short, Your Computer needs Hardware and Software to Function

It very common, for children to go on a Computer and Delete Vital information that is important for you Software to Function Properly

The Solution is Simple, One has to Set Up a Password on the Computer or Laptop, the result will prevent anyone but yourself from adding or removing anything to your Software

The other Common Fault is installing software that has got a form of a Virus on it.

Not having a Internet Security Programme and Virus Removal Software

Downloading Media from a Source that is not trusted by Microsoft Windows or any O.S, for example P2P Sharing Websites and Apps

Failure to install and update your Security Protocols, for example having you Laptop or Computer Firewall switched off

The Laptop or Computer Registry can be Compromised by a Virus, Trojan, Spyware or Even Adware e.t.c there is all sorts on the Net

Another common fault, is switching off your Computer by force, without shutting it down properly on the Task Bar, This can be Fatal, because it can corrupt your entire operating system, making it inoperable

Not keeping you Computer or Laptop, Ventilated, this causes your PC Components to Over Heat, Resulting in a Terminal Failure

Having the Wrong time and Date, what this does can be catastrophic, because you Computer will not be able to Go on to Most Websites and it will also Stop Your Computer From receiving the Latest Internet Security Updates

You might simply want to back up or Transfer Files from a Old Desktop PC to a new Personal Computer

We also do, Mobile Phone Screen Repairs, Tablet PC and Laptop Screen Replacement

Experts at Virus Removal, Computer Repair, Laptop Repair and Used Laptop Sales

Has something gone wrong with your Computer or laptop?

Maybe it’s just suddenly your PC stopped working, or perhaps it is running slower than it did before.

Whatever the problem, I am the guy you need to fix your Computing and Networking Equipment

With my help, your computer will work faster and be more efficient.

With my advice and support, hopefully we can avoid any more problems in the future.

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