Data Recovery

Data Recovery

KTechnology Solutions provide state-of-the-art data recovery services for all brands of Hard-Drives for both our Home and Business Customers.

Data Recovery is a complex task because most Storage Devices have intricate data configurations that often have different data layouts depending on manufacturers.

Without an in-depth knowledge of how these Storage Devices are configured at hardware, firmware and software levels, data recovery attempts will not only fail, but result in further data corruption.

We supply our Business Customers RAID configured Computer Systems in order to offer more resilient and comprehensive storage solutions.
Years of experience have proved that RAID arrays used in a businesses setting tend to have a high fault-tolerant level and require a small amount of maintenance.

However, if a RAID array fails as a result of component malfunction (including hard drives and controller cards) or operating and application corruption, it leaves the data unusable and in most cases corrupted.

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Below is a list of four common Storage Device failures:

Hardware RAID Failure

Human Error

Software RAID Failure

Application Failure

Below is a list of Actual Failures:

Actuator Failure
Bad Sectors
Controller Failure
Controller Malfunction Corrupted RAID Config
Lightning, Flood and Fire Damage
Damaged Motor
Drive Physical Abuse
Hard disc component failure and crashes
Hard disc drive component failure
Hard drive crashes
Hard drive failure
Head Crash
Intermittent drive failure
Media Damage
Media surface
Multiple drive failure
Power Spike
Power Supply Burnout or failure
RAID controller failure
RAID corruption
RAID disc failure
RAID disc overheating
RAID drive incompatibility
RAID drive overheating
RAID array failed
Vibration damage
Unintended deletion of files
Reformatting of drives/array
Reformatting of partitions
Incorrect replacement of media components
Accidentally deleted records
Mistakenly overwritten database files
Employee sabotage
Lost/Forgotten password
Overwritten files
Overwritten RAID config files
Overwritten RAID settings
RAID incorrect setup
RAID user error

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